The crew on this page has been instrumental helping and inspiring my channel. If you enjoy my channel and the topics I talk about, check these guys out and bookmark their pages!

Hanzo's Corner

Official Site:

A freelance comic book artist from Germany. He has worked with Tokyo Pop and Capcom and is responsible for the illustrations on this site.

Happy Console Gamer

Official Site:
YouTube Channel: HappyConsoleGamer (Subscribe)

Video games reviews of videos games you might not have heard about.

Pete's Game Room

Official Site:
YouTube Channel: PeteDorr (Subscribe)

A video game review channel. The man responsible for our Forums.

Jumble Junkie

Official Site:
YouTube Channel: jumblejunkie (Subscribe)

A melting pot of music, video game reviews and an angry sock.

Turbo Views

Official Site:
YouTube Channel: spida1a (Subscribe)

A channel/web site dedicated to the TurboGraphx16 video game console.

TV and Lust

Official Site:
YouTube Channel: tvandlust (Subscribe)

TV and Lust is dedicated to gaming in all its forms.

Alicia Gomez

Official Site:
YouTube Channel: CandyTutorials (Subscribe)

A freelance graphic & web designer. Alicia is responsible for the SplatterTrigger YouTube skin.

SplatterTrigger is on Twitter, follow me!

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I've had the pleasure of being involved with a new video game podcast, ALLGENGAMERS ( iTunes | Twitter ). Definitely check them out.

Additionally if you want to know more about me and this web site, check out our about page. Thanks!


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